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New Site

Anyone who’s returning to the site may notice a few changes. I have implemented a totally new site design, with the help of the PhotoPro WordPress theme. The advantage of the new site, apart from good looks, is that it makes uploading new content a whole lot easier – so expect to see new galleries…

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Degree Show Prize!

The last few weeks have been very hectic indeed, with multiple trips down to Plymouth – first to submit my final major project (which went down very well!) and then to set up the degree show, which is on display from Friday 14th of June until today. Most excitingly of all, during the launch of…

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Bookworks Dummy

I have now put the finishes touches to my project and Form & Pressure has gone to print this morning! I visited Bookworks in London yesterday to pick up the dummy and the result, I’m sure you’ll agree, is brill. The colours are totally off in these pictures due to poor white balance; the cover…

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Demand Binding

More pics from Instagram of my week’s activities. I have been up to London again to discuss the final binding for Form & Pressure – which will be very close to that used in Thomas Demand’s Nationalgalerie (a steidlMack publication bound at Bookworks) – and looked at some layout options. I have also been working…

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Reshoots & Bookworks

Some pictures from the last week that deserve a place on the blog. I am now working with the infamous Bookworks of London, who will be putting the book together to my specifications. I have also been down to Plymouth for a few more reshoots. Hope to have the project finished within four weeks.

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An Errata Edition

I paid a visit to this month’s PB Labs in Bristol at which I presented work in progress for Form & Pressure. The special guest this month was Jeffrey Ladd of the amazing Errata Editions. Mr. Ladd offered encouragment on the idea of presenting quotes from the transcripts alongside my pictures. Here’s a pic of…

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Book Design Underway

I have now finished editing the transcripts (totalling 20 sides of A4) and begun the process of trying out different page layouts. Here are just a few that I have tried for the project now known as Form & Pressure: Option five requires further investigation – can be done with a grip-type binding.

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Unsteady Hands Make Heavy Work

The results of some experiments with medium-format film cameras. The first four were shot using available light on a Rolleiflex Automat 6×6, the latter using a speedlight on a Mamiya C330. I’m trying to get away from the rigidity of earlier pictures in the series, while I’m also interested in the different ways of seeing…

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