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Patrick Graham Photography 2.0

After many months of tinkering behind the scenes, I can finally declare the second major version of my site open (deafening silence). You may find it difficult to spot the differences, as they are mostly behind the scenes, but I have made some cosmetic changes. The biggest difference has been the introduction a gallery of…

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Jobo CPE-2 and Rolleiflex

There were a lot of parcels coming and going at my house last week. Among them, a Jobo CPE-2 and my Rolleiflex returning from a service at Newton Ellis in Liverpool. Following their arrival I had the opportunity to make use of them. I took my Rolleiflex out on Wednesday to start a documentary of…

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Wells Road Garage

Proprietor: Albert “Harry” Henry Francis. Location: Wells Road, Glastonbury. Years of Operation: c.1935-1961. Sold: Various (including: National Benzole, BP, Cleveland). Interviewee(s): Mrs. Sheila Thyer and Mrs. Brenda Bisgrove, daughters of Mr. Francis. The 1930s was a time when not many people had jobs. “You’d do anything to earn something…” Mrs. Thyer tells me. Indeed this…

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Piltown Filling Station

Proprietor(s): Barclay Vincent John Hillyer, and son John Stuart Hillyer. Location: A376, Piltown, West Pennard. Years of Operation: 1951-Present Sold: Originally Esso, now according to value. Interviewee(s): John Stuart Hillyer. Barclay Vincent John Hillyer, known locally as Bert, was a character born of a haunting past. Bert fought in South-East Asia during the Second World…

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West End Service Station

Proprietor: Maurice Hillyer. Location: West End, Street. Years of Operation: 1954-74. Sold: Esso Petrol. Interviewee(s): Mrs. Pauline Hillyer, Maurice’s widow. The Hillyer’s West End Service Station opened in 1954, serving Esso petrol from the outset. The petrol was originally served by an attendant or engineer, before moving to self-service. The garage offered many services besides:…

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Moorlinch Garage

Proprietor(s): Mike Dean (d) & Mike Howe. Location: Moor Road, Moorlinch. Years of Operation: 1976-Present. Sold: Cleveland, BP, Butler. Now diesel-only. Interviewee(s): Mike Howe. Mike Howe is not happy about the decline of the motor industry. He first started work at Harris Motors, Keward, near Wells. He recalls how they would offer their customers a…

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Curtis & Sons Garage

Proprietor(s): Ern & Roger Curtis. Location: High Street, Butleigh. Years of Operation: 1947-74. Sold: National Benzole and Power Petrol, later Butler. Interviewee(s): Roger Curtis. The Butleigh filling station is one keenly remembered by Somerset people, but not one particularly well documented. I had been given a family phone number by a mechanic at a local…

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