Tiny Monuments Exhibition

My work can be seen in the Tiny Monuments group show at Bath Library, part of Bath Lit Fest 2013. We held the launch today, which was a great success, and will be holding ‘Meet the Artist’ sessions between 11am and 12.15pm on Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll be there at those times and on Thursday…

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FSoM2 Reshoots Continue

I’ve continued to work to reshoot some of the pictures in the First Signs of Madness 2 series. As stated before, this is partly to correct white balance/colour consistency and also to test the images when printed larger. On the latter point I managed to print both some of the smaller files and D700-powered reshots…

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FSoM2 Concertina Maquette

I have now made a maquette for the concertina book and perfected the design ready for making the final product. I wanted to keep y’all updated by posting some pics of the maquette. The final book will have a blue cloth cover. Apologies for the distortion, but this should at least give you an idea….

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Updates on FSoM2 Incoming

Having succeeded in starting afresh with First Signs of Madness, in debt to my use of a camera phone and Instagram, one of my next steps is to rephotograph those images undermined by the technology. I have two chief problems – white balance (inconsistent colours, notable pink spots) and camera shake. As an example, I…

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First Signs of Madness: Part 2

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog or updated the content of my site. Tonight, a new blog post, and (assuming I can get the content up) some new galleries for the main part of the site. In recent months I have returned to my work on First Signs of…

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