Burke & James Speed Press 5×4

New camera! Over a year since I first started thinking about going large format, I finally have my hands on a 5×4 camera. On the recommendations of friends and internet research I went for a low end camera so I could work out what use I would put it to.

The Burke & James Speed Press is actually the same camera as used by Weegee the Famous. I have tested the basic functions of the camera and everything seems to work, with the exception of the 1 second shutter speed, which seems to get stuck. There are a couple of settings on there I don’t understand, and I would like if possible to remove the hood on the back, as it prevents use of a loupe for fine focus. The camera does have a full range of movements.

In other news, photography as such has been held up a great deal by troubleshooting. As you may have noticed I was having some streaking issues on my Jobo-processed negs, and I have spent the best part of a month trying to nail down the cause. At the moment my best guess is exhausted chemicals, possibly combined with the angle of agitation and quantity of chemicals. I’ve ordered some new chemicals, so hopefully I can put this to bed soon. Not optimistic, though.

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