Camera Werks!

Haven’t been up to much photography recently. Been taking it easy after the soul destroying test strippery. Did go out an shoot a couple roles for the Unattended series last week, but haven’t worked up the courage to process them yet.

Did have one successful development run today, though! Finally got round to testing my 5×4 camera and Jobo 5×4 tank. Did have problems working out how to attach the retaining plates in the dark. Trying to fumble around with the pin itself was impossible. Turned out the easiest method is to get it roughly in line with the end of the film and simply push in. Otherwise worked like a dream; I actually used some two year old fixer to fix it, but it seemed to do the job, somewhat to my surprise – wouldn’t normally risk a film on it, but I just wanted to see if the camera worked.

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