Exhibitions in Bristol and Bath

I have two exhibitions starting this week. The first is the aforementioned Bristol leg of the South West Graduate Photography Prize, which will run at Knowle West Media Centre from Wednesday 28th May until Monday 1st September. Relevantly, for those in my area, the results of (previous winner) Mark Perham’s residency can still be seen for a few more days at Temple Meads train station until 5th June.

The other show is Still Points: Moving World, part of Bath’s annual arts festival, Fringe Arts Bath, running from last Friday until Sunday 8th June on the first floor of 35-36 Stall Street. This show is curated by Fay Stevens and includes the books Form & Pressure and Second Signs of Madness. The blurb:

The place where a letter or word meets a surface, a mark made, found text, voice heard. These social actions create still points; locales of reference and punctuations in an ever moving world.

The exhibition ‘Still Points: Moving World’, explores our relationship with language, writing, text and the surfaces and/or spaces on which it is inscribed; whether consciously or accidentally. It sets out to explore the interplay and juxtaposition between writing and locale, promote experimentation with a palimpsest of process and consider out how abstract relations can be made between mark making, writing and the social construction of place.

Situated with the field of performance writing, the idea behind ‘Still Points: Moving World’ is to create a setting for an assemblage of art-works that concentrate on intersections between language and place. It encourages submission of work in a variety of media produced specifically through an investigation into the concept of the still point as it is defined in a moving world.

Of its own accord, the exhibition engages with language and how it defines the still point. It addresses a redefinition of the meaning of mark making and the context in which it is situated, shifting the perspective of the work and engaging with the agency of language. Consequently, the exhibition considers writing and mark making as a strategy for shifting the way in which we think about language and the places in which language is inscribed / found.

The show will include a number of performances which will take place across the two weeks. The times for these can be seen on the exhibition’s Fringe Arts page. I’m thinking about doing one of my own, but haven’t figured out the logistics. Below are some pics of the install. Similar shots of the Bristol setup can be seen here.







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