FSoM2 Reshoots Continue

I’ve continued to work to reshoot some of the pictures in the First Signs of Madness 2 series. As stated before, this is partly to correct white balance/colour consistency and also to test the images when printed larger.

On the latter point I managed to print both some of the smaller files and D700-powered reshots at 60x60cm. When dealing with a square format image, this really is quite an overpowering size. I put these prints in as part of the ‘So Far‘ exhibition held by third years within Scott Building at the University of Plymouth, which stood from Wednesday 23rd until Tuesday of this week (30th). Here I include updates to images and  pics of them in situ.

I have reshot the wiring picture yet again, and it made a huge difference for the 60×60 prints. Be aware that I will be shooting it and some others for a third/fourth time when I finally have an induction to cover me for use of the D800 next week. I will shortly upload a big copy of the current pic so you can ascertain the quality difference.

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