Patrick Graham Photography 2.0

After many months of tinkering behind the scenes, I can finally declare the second major version of my site open (deafening silence). You may find it difficult to spot the differences, as they are mostly behind the scenes, but I have made some cosmetic changes.

Patrick Graham Photography 2.0

The biggest difference has been the introduction a gallery of galleries which provides a space for a small explanation and title photo. I realised after a while that people were not comprehending some of the explanations about the galleries, so I decided it was best to strip out a lot of the text. Furthermore, it was difficult for users to know what they were clicking on in the earlier animated menu, since the titles were often a little obscure. I hope you’ll agree that this is a major improvement.

Patrick Graham Photography 1.0

The other big change has been the introduction of this here blog. A lot of my work requires further explanation or contextualisation, and I felt the blog format was the best way to accommodate this extra detail. In particular, it has enabled the publication of my petrol station interviews, which can be found via the categories menu under “Petrol”. I also hope it will make it easier for me to keep people updated about my (tedious) exploits.

Other changes, that you most likely will not notice, have been to increase the compatibility of the site with mobile browsers and different screen sizes. It is now possible to scale the galleries on the fly to a very small size – go and try it out! One trial I have had from the very beginning was accommodating the galleries alongside the copyright footer at the bottom of the browser window. I have finally found a javascript solution which will hopefully mean the whole site responds in a more intuitive fashion. No longer will you wonder why a page of text has come to a sudden end, and never more shall you wonder at the huge white spaces around short passages.

The galleries now accomodate all manner of strange screen sizes.

Please note that with the introduction of the latest site a lot of the content has been removed, as I feel it either does not represent my narrower style of photography, or it is simply out of date. I may look into providing come kind of unobtrusive archive in the future, but for the time being you can at least find it all on my Flickr page, which is now handily linked to in the sidebar (over there on the right ––––>).

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