Updates on FSoM2 Incoming

Having succeeded in starting afresh with First Signs of Madness, in debt to my use of a camera phone and Instagram, one of my next steps is to rephotograph those images undermined by the technology. I have two chief problems – white balance (inconsistent colours, notable pink spots) and camera shake. As an example, I have already rephotographed and replaced (here on the site) this:

With this:

I’m still not 100% happy with this, so a further update may yet come (only apparent on big reproductions), but I just wanted to give an update. Other plans for the new year are to try printing the images at 1x1m and to spend more time examining Scott Building at The University of Plymouth for photo opportunities. I became aware during this shoot that using an SLR would lead me to make different pictures due to quality and the use of a viewfinder.

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